As a therapist, I treat people of all ages, with different backgrounds and reasons for seeking treatment. I welcome to my clinic anyone and everyone who want to get help and support. Yet during my years of practice, I have been focusing more on the following domains:

Youth, Childhood and Parenthood

Youth, Childhood and Parenthood

As they say – kids do not come with instructions manual or user guide. As parents, we are bound to make mistakes in the upbringing of our children, and quite often we are unsure whether we are doing the right thing or not. On top of that there are situations that are not in our control, especially as our child grows, where he/she is going through some trouble, and we are left out – quite helpless, wanting to help.

So if you feel you cannot get through to your child, if you suspect (or know) that your teenager is in some distress or need for support, or if you suspect (or know) that your child has special needs, please give me a call and I will do my utmost best to support you and your child.

The treatment addresses child and parents.

Relationship / Marriage Counselling

At the risk of sounding too deterministic, I would say that every couple gets to that point, that low point in their relationship where things seem far less ‘peachy’, when one (or both) starts thinking it is not going in the right direction…

It may be due to a major change in life (such as having a first born child, or moving to a new country), a marriage crisis or infidelity, or simply the routine day-to-day that drives apart. And before it worsens or get to a point of no return, it usually helps to open up and talk about the problems.

You would be surprised to learn how much you are missing by not talking and sharing your feelings and emotions.

So if your marriage is worth fighting for and if both of you are willing to work and improve your bond, then marriage counselling can help you do just that.

Weight Control and Eating Disorders

Anorexia, bulimia, obesity… these are probably the most commonly known examples for eating disorders, and are as difficult to treat as they are simple to diagnose. Such cases require intensive treatment involving several practices, sometimes even hospitalization and medical treatment. Yet there are other appearances of weight control issues and eating disorders on this spectrum. From very common cases of overweight and emotional eating through the less well known cases of selective eating disorder, many people have a kind of a ‘food issue’.

These ‘food issues’ have a significant impact on one’s quality of life, and can be treated!



Relocation to another country is, in most cases, a good thing. It is usually made in order to improve your life – whether a career progression, a financial opportunity, a cultural experience, or all of the above. And while this is a blessed change overall, it brings many challenges with it. It involves leaving behind your loved ones, moving to a foreign society with its associated language and culture barriers, and ‘starting over again’ so to speak. Spouses sometimes leave behind their flourishing careers; kids struggle building their new circle of friends.

As a veteran ‘relocator’ and a parent of ‘third culture kids’, I have both personal and professional experience to understand the challenges you are going through and help guiding through these exciting ordeals.

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology

As a professional athlete, or young athlete on your way to become professional, one must train their mind and practice their mental abilities, not only their physical strength, in order to fulfill their full potential and reach the highest levels possible.

From techniques to recover from a lost point through fast decision making to dealing with failures… there are so many mental and cognitive processes that a competing athlete goes through, and training your mind for these processes will only make you better and stronger in these ultra-competitive fields.


Recovering from an injury, an accident, a severe disease or an operation involves rehabilitating your body and your soul. The damage is not only physical but also mental and emotional, and the process that a recovering person goes through is very demanding on mind and body.

Same applies to people who suffer from a chronic disease or disability – fighting the illness over and over again has its toll on your day-to-day and requires mental strength to recover and work toward leading a happy and healthy life.